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Aegean Trip Candle

Sea air, Muscat grapes & citrus.


With base notes of fresh sea air, Muscat grapes and citrus on the vine,  the essence of Aegean is captured in one of our signature scents.


Byrd|Home Trip Candles raise the bar on luxury home fragrance. Sourced from the finest materials and paired with highly developed scent compositions, these candles are fashioned to create a relaxing, but sophisticated ambiance.

Aegean Trip Candle

  • - all natural apricot coconut wax

    - extra thick, all natural wood wicks create a fire crackle-like effect

    - high fragrance load with an excellent, warm throw

    - thoughtfully developed and composed scents

    - burn time is rated 90 hours

    - 11 oz

    - thick glass tumbler measures 3.5” x 3.5”

    - includes signature black matte deluxe gift box

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